Faces of Grębów


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Photo of Frida Birnhack (maiden name forgotten) taken about 1933.  Frida was married to Shimon Yaacov Birnhack ~1847- 1943.  Frida was Sarah Fortgang Halpern's maternal great grandmother and lived in Krakow.

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Sarah Fortgang Halpern ( with her toy dog) and her grandparents Chana Malka Birnhack 1870-1942 and her husband Hersh Zvi Goldvasser ~1860-1942 . Hersh Zvi Goldvasser was born in Klimontow and lived in Grębów.

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Helena Shifra Goldwasser 1898-1925 wife of Shabbtai Fortgang-Vestreich ~1888-1943 .  Sarah Fortgang Halpern's mother.  Photo taken about 1923

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Shlomo Birnhack 1898-1975 . Photo taken about 1934.  Schlomo was Helena Schifra Goldwasser's brother.  He was registered under his mother's name: Birnhack.  He was a clerk at the Jewish National Fund's office in Krakow and left for Tel Aviv in January 1925, just 4 days after my mother died. He had a "certificate" from the British Mandate to immigrate.


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