Photos of Grębów


GREBOW Sanders Road  Sign.jpg (37140 bytes)

Joan and Gerald Sanders in front of Grębów road sign.

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Joan Sanders and the Mayor of Grębów on horse drawn wagon. There were (1990) no automobiles in the village, but rather horse drawn carriages.

GREBOW Sanders Elders of Town.jpg (59656 bytes)

A group of the oldest people in the town.  They remembered the Jewish families and pointed out their homes with the names of the families.

GREBOW Sanders Street Scene.jpg (39844 bytes)

Typical street scene in Grębów

GREBOW Sanders-Wooden House 1.jpg (39935 bytes)

Examples of houses in Grębów.  These houses were owned by Jews before the war.  The houses are 18th - 19th century originals.  although they are quite old although they all have new windows.  New windows seemed to have been installed in virtually every old house in Poland.  There are no stores or shops in the village as we would know them.  The shops are in the front of the homes, with the living area in the back. 

GREBOW Sanders Wooden House 2.jpg (37031 bytes)

Examples of houses in Grębów. 


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For more information read George Sanders travelogue "Our Jewish Roots Tour 1990."

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