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This is the building that housed  the tavern owned by Chana Malka and Hersh Zvi Goldvasser, Sarah Fortgang Halpern's grandparents.   Sarah's comments: " The building that housed my grandparent's tavern ( in half of the large house in the middle of the town) , their living quarters and upstairs, my parent's flat. This photo was taken in 1995 by a girl in Grębów whom I contacted via the Grębów town council and who sent it to us. This large, long, stone house was owned by a relative of ours. It was taken over by the Germans in 1942 or 3 when they deported all the Jews and they converted it into a warehouse. It changed appearance considerably. It now barely resembles my home in 1934. It now doesn't give a "picture" of life in Grębów ~70 years ago. I see that all the external woodwork is missing. There was a large porch in front of the tavern  with a balcony over it, accessible through a door (now a window) from my parent's flat inside, on the second floor.  There were also large windows on either side of the door. On the side of the building, there was also a porch and a pergola over the entrance to the residential part of the building - my grandparent's flat and via a stairway, up to my parent's flat. There were also two gabled side windows  in the roof on each side. "

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Elementary school Sarah Fortgang Halpern and her mother attended.  It had 8 grades. Jews and Christian kids all went to this school. The school is 2 buildings to the right of our home.  There was no high school in Grębów. There was one in a nearby town Tarnobrzeg


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