Kolonia Yakovlevo


Kolonia Gutovo

Kobrin Uezed

Volochevich Volost

Grodno Guberniya


52 11" / 25 20"

Population 155. Described in the Black Book as being in the Polesie region of Poland.

(These really are the shtetl seeker-mapquest coordinates for Gutovo; Yakovlevo was just on the southern outskirts.)
Yitzchak-Isaac Turniansky (later Turner) was born in Kolonia Yakovleva (also known as Kolonia Gutovo.) This colony was founded in 1849 by 16 families from Kobrin. In 1858 there were 79 males and 72 females. As of 1904, there were 31 families.

Miriam Steinberg visited  Yakovleva the summer of 2001. There is not much left of the colony.

Aources: COH (Chanber of the Holocaust, Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel ); LYV (Landsmanshaften Societies on file at Yad Vashem)




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