Ukrainian town  


Guljai pole



47 40' /  36 15'

A market town and county seat

From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

Hamelitz 1864; April 23) A lengthy letter from Nissan Shneur Rozov, a teacher in  Hulyaipole, or Gulyai-Polye, about the attempts of the traditionalist leaders of the community to suppress modern Haskalah methods of education.

(Hamelitz 1865; Mar 4) In our town there is no office to send the post and with great toil the people of the town and  its environs receive or send their letters and the journals which circulate here in our town and its environs, by passers-by here, or to the nearby town of Orekov. Also then many are lost without anyone knowing where they are. Therefore, the esteemed man Reb Dov Kerner, good Gabbai of the Sick Visiting Society, saw fit to collect money from all the lords who dwell in their villages around our town, and from all the householders here who have correspondence, and with this money hired one man who would operate a mobile post in our city, to send twice a week a carraige to carry the letters or our city and its environs, which were collected in the shop  of the noble Mr. Ostrocsky, to Orekhov to the post, and to bring from there the letters and periodicals which are sent to us.

Now I am obliged to advise that in our town has been established a library for Hebrew books, through the endeavors of my teacher, the Maskil, the Reb Nissan Rozov. Also though the teacher Mr. Dreksler was established a library for Russian books. -Eliyahu Berdichevsky

(Hatsefirah 1881; May 26 (June 7) )

In the town Gulyai-Polye where there are Jewish businesses, the peasants gathered before the senior nobleman and the village priest and demanded that they be read the religious writ about annihilating the Jews. It took much effort by the priest to quiet the tumult. But after a few days the disturbances were renewed and the Jews were subjected to derision and attack in a terrible manner.

(Hamelitz 1893)


At the instigation of the Shokhtim here, my father and teacher Reb Arye-Leib Solovey and Reb Nissan Kronhoiz, all the butchers agreed to cast the animals prior to slaughter in the manner recommended by Dr. Demba in Hamelitz. They also attempted to cast animals in this manner and the attempt was successful. Would that such would be done in all the towns where the House of Israel live, and so the complaints of our adversaries against us would be removed.

Moshe-David Solovey.

(Hamelitz 1895; January 12)


The death occurred of the great rabbi Reb Yaakov-Moshe Holliand of blessed memory, from nearby Mezhirech, aged 43 years.


(Hamelitz 1895; October 19)


(# reports the murder of Y.Olevsky on the way to Yekaterinoslav).


(Hamelitz 1896)


(# report of the death of Reb Yekhezkel-Zev the son of Reb Avraham Itkin, aged 69 years.)

Shlachter-Molotsky wedding photo and Rokhkovich birthday

Surnames: Amiton, Kagan, Lifshits

Sources: Our Father's Harvest Supplement

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