Ekaterinoslav Guberniya

Mariupolskii District


Jewish Colony No. 12


Zelenoe Pole


Zelenopol Ye




 47░  33' /  36░  50'

Zelenopole Aron Hakodesh, 1904.


3elenopol school, 1922.

Established 1853

"Emess" was a Yiddish name given to Zelionoepole during the Soviet Period. They gave names reflecting Soviet ideaology: "Emess" is Truth.


At the end of 1885 there were 39 families in the colony.

From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

Surnames: Gordon, Kalmanovich, Svidler, Zipursky, Matvid

Sources: WWWW, Avotaynu XIII/4/31

JGFF  Researcher: Michoel Ronn - Gordon

Photographs: Chaya Riva Gordon

Yisroel Rotenfeld


Zelenopole 1850 Revision List (Part 1)
Zelenopole 1850 Revision List (Part 2)
1858 Zelenopole Revision Lists
1858 Revision Lists (Appendix M)

Revision lists donated by Michoel Ronn

Prenumeranten lists have been discovered which include the kolonyas.

While the entire lists merit translation here are some highlights. Theátransliteration maintains the actual Hebrew spelling.
bullet"Imrei Shmuel" by Shmuel Kalonymus Eizinbod (1911)
bullet"Kehilat Yitskhak" by Yitskhak Tzvi Margolin, Rabbi of Sladkovodna(1911)

The Holocaust period and the colonies

Shlachter-Molotsky wedding photo and Rokhkovich birthday

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