Byerezino - Trade Street (ca. 1910)  Postcard donated by Aleksandr Feigmanis

 Photos taken in Byerazino, both vintage and modern.

 Sketches  by Curt Sauermilch, a German soldier stationed in Byerazino in 1918. His complete sketchbook (including drawings from other places on the Eastern Front)  is in the public domain at the website Europeana 1914 -1918

 Postcards with social and political themes, collected around 1908 by Sonia Gurevich Heringman, a young woman living in Byerazino.

Benevolent Associations associated with Byerazino and Pahost.

Jewish graves in the Byerazino cemetery, photographed by Alan Kaul in May 2017.

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